About us

We are Florian and Stefan. We are originally from near Cologne in Germany. We have been coming to Greece since we were very young. Initially with the caravan overland to the north of Greece.
With the beginning of the Yugoslavian war we had to choose a different route – fortunately in retrospect – and so ended up in Finikounda for the first time via Italy and Patras. And it was love at first sight. Since then we have spent each of our summer holidays in Finikounda at Camping Loutsa, not far from our current home.
At the beginning of the 2000s - our interest in going on vacation with our parents dwindled due to age - our father then decided to build a house in Finikounda - Haus Granes.
At the beginning of 2023 we took over the house from our father and have been trying to share our love for Finikounda with you ever since.